271.Plant-Guided Herb Farming with Elise and Jeff of Oshala Farm-Herb Chat

Real Herbalism Radio show 271.Plant Guided Herb Farming with Elise and Jeff of Oshala Farm Herb Chat

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Candace and Patrick reflected on the many ways we Herbalists can make our living. They chat with Elise and Jeff of Oshala Farm last week got them thinking about how wide the term Herbalist really is…about as big as the Plants themselves.

They explored many ways in which we who love and respect the plants can make a living and even thrive as Herbalists.

Candace defined the term Herbal-Maker. Patrick strategized on ways to focus your practice.

And, they suggested a practical exercise for focused thinking at home you can use and adapt to make good choices both for your own Home Herb Garden and for your own Herbal Practice.

Topics we mentioned:

Herbal 101

We answered a question on Toothache Herbs from Patricia.

Note: Always see a dentist if you’re uncertain why you are experiencing tooth or mouth pain.

Herbs and Resources:

Elise and Jeff Higley, Oshala Farm

Elise Higley and Jeff Higley of Oshala Farm

Elise & Jeff Higley are herb farmers in Southern Oregon, one of the meccas for herb farming in the US. They own and operate Oshala Farm, a mid scale organic family farm with over 80 varieties of medicinal herbs in production. Oshala Farm is the combination of Elise’s passion for western herbalism and Jeff’s passion for farming. Over the last 8 years they have learned through blood, sweat, tears and laughter what it takes to be a domestic herb farmer and how to keep farming financially sustainable while staying true to their earth centric values and organic regenerative practices.


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