Keeping Chickens by Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis

Keeping Chickens by Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis

Best audience for Keeping Chickens: Beginners who want to learn more about keeping chickens

Candace said: Overall, I wasn’t as thrilled with Keeping Chickens as I’d expected. Jeremy and Celia included some wonderful bits, like their section on points to consider and recommendations for breeds and sizes, but some parts didn’t go as far as I would have liked. The healthcare section, for instance, felt short and lacking. They made many references to using chemicals, such as for disinfecting and treating diseases, with no pointers for folks like myself who are as organic and natural as possible. Given how many other titles are available on natural farming, including ones devoted to the humble hen, I thought that was a grave oversight. As a secondary book in anyone’s collection, I think Keeping Chickens offers a lot of valuable ideas and perspectives. It would not make the cut if I had to choose just one book on chickens for my own library.

Sue said: Keeping Chickens is good book for a conventional beginning chicken farmer. It has lovely photos. The birds featured are healthy and busy. The information on breeds is helpful for a new chicken owner. This book would be suited for crafty chicken lovers as it features family friendly ideas for fun ways to artfully incorporate chicken product crafts and recipes in the back of the book. The most helpful part of the book to me was the information on portable housing AKA chicken tractors. My family built our chicken tractor using their ideas.

The bottom line: We give Keeping Chickens by Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis one thumbs up.

Keeping Chickens by Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis

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