Top 10 Herbal Supplements for Lizards

bearded dragon

My daughter had a dragon. I had an herb garden. It was inevitable the two would end up interacting with each other.

We’ve had reptilian pets before. We had a turtle named Sport who was rescued from a lawnmower. We had two green anoels who skittered around a glass terrarium. My sons tried to talk me into getting a snake at one point but the live mouse feeding schedule changed all of our minds.

The bearded dragon was new. Quillsie was easy to feed but tricky to heat. He had a personality that charmed us all. He was portable. When I drove to pick up the kids from school, I sometimes brought the dragon with me. He rode on the opposite shoulder as the seat belt rested.

Dragon with Oregano
Bearded Dragon

I started looking into ways of incorporating him into my gardening routine. With a little research, I put together a shortlist Quillsie enjoyed and were approved by reptilian care sites.

You may note that the herbs on this list are all high in antioxidants and flavonoids. This is a piece of terrarium lizard’s diet that’s often missing. This list is approved for other lizards as well. I have noted some critters will, like their human caretakers, display individual tastes and favorites. The list below are merely safe suggestions.

Top 10 Herbs for Lizards

Remember to chop the herbs fine enough they can fit into your lizard’s mouth but not so small they’re mushy. Lizards like to savor a mouthful of flavor just like the rest of us.


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