Kratom Pain-Free Salve

kratom pain relief salve

Kratom Pain-Free Salve

Kratom is used for pain relief. During a podcast on Kratom, we had a little left over powder from our tea which I made into salve. This salve was the first time I have ever experimented with Kratom topically. It should be noted that Kratom is powerful medicine but it works rather slowly but has a longer effect than other pain relieving ointment. For quicker pain relief try our recipes for white tiger balm or red tiger balm.

It does have a numbing effect. Kratom Pain Free Salve is intended for pain that subsides with stretching or massage. It is also appropriate for neuropathy from areas recovering from trauma with intact skin. This salve is best used when combined with herbs taken internally that stimulate the lymphatic system such as cleavers, dandelion or clover.

kratom-powderKratom reduces pain. St. John’s wort helps with pain control and heals damaged nerves. Combining this with the rosemary which increases circulation, and you have a mild but long lasting analgesic salve that does more than mask pain, it helps heal the source of the problem.

This recipe could be fiddled with in a number of ways. Try adding a few drops of ginger, camphor or clove essential oil to the salve just before pouring it into your containers. These essential oils lend an additional analgesic property.



  1. a kitchen scale
  2. a spatula
  3. a double boiler
  4. a jar for containing beeswax during weight process
  5. Labels
  6. Rubber gloves for safely squeezing out the cheesecloth bundle
  7. Cheesecloth
  8. enough small containers with lids to store finished product


  1. Gather the ingredients along with the equipment in a clean, well-lit, workspace.
  2. Add the St. John’s wort tincture to the Kratom powder until it is thoroughly absorbed.
  3. The powder will stick together. Roll the powder into a ball and place it in the middle of the cheesecloth to form a bundle.
  4. Add the cayenne pepper pieces to Kratom powder bundle.
  5. Tie the cheesecloth firmly so the powder will not escape.
  6. Pour the St. John’s Wort oil into a double boiler and heat it over a very low heat.
  7. Add the Kratom cheesecloth bundle to the warming oil.
  8. Let it warm for a few hours or until the oil turns greenish.
  9. Don rubber gloves.
  10. Remove the Kratom cheesecloth bundle and gently squeeze the bundle to wring out the remaining herbal goodness.
  11. Weigh beeswax.
  12. When the oil is warm, carefully add 1/2 oz beeswax.
  13. After the beeswax has melted, remove the double boiler from heat and stir in the essential oil.
  14. Add the essential oil to the salve.
  15. Pour the mixture into a few salve containers and cap them securely.
  16. Label the containers with the name of the salve.

Storage and Use

This recipe makes approximately 6 one-ounce tins or 6 ounces total. I use larger containers for giving to patients as it is intended for long term use. This is designed to use in conjunction with other therapies such as yoga, massage, acupuncture and exercise. Other herbs may be used with it as taken internally.

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