Diaper Wipe Spray Recipe

tea infusion

Most commercial diaper wipes are full of questionable chemicals. This formula is gentle on the skin while offering a thorough cleaning of the diaper area. Experienced parents have seen their babies wince when they use commercial diaper wipes. This formula is wince-free for both babies and parents when used properly. This formula is also great for cleaning sticky mouths and fingers. Only spray the cleaning cloth. Do not spray directly on the skin or anywhere near the eyes, ears or mouth.

Make Calendula Infusion as you’d make a tea, by steeping the dried flowers in boiling water.



  • 1 mixing bowl
  • 1 mixing spoon
  • measuring cups
  • 2 resealable spray bottles
  • 1 resealable jar for extra mixture
  • 1 label


  1. Make the calendula infusion separately by steeping calendula in boiling water. Let the infusion cool, then strain out the herbs, saving the liquid.
  2. Blend well the infusion, oil, essential oil, and soap in the mixing bowl.
  3. Pour a small amount into a travel size spray bottle for the diaper bag and more into another spray bottle for the changing table.
  4. Pour the remaining mixture into a resealable jar and label it for storage.

Storage and Use

Store Diaper Wipe Spray in a darkly colored glass bottle in the refrigerator for longer-term storage. Be aware that essential oil will break down plastic after about 6 months, so glass is the best choice for storing this spray for longer periods.

To use Diaper Wipe Spray, shake the bottle well and spray the formula on a soft washcloth or flannel square. Wipe the diaper area and toss the diaper wipe material in the laundry for next time. Challenging diaper projects such as dried baby poop will get an extra boost by soaking the diaper wipe with plain water for the initial cleaning. The second rag for the follow-up cleaning should have the diaper wipe spray on it to soothe and protect the baby from diaper rash.

Some children have allergies to lavender essential oil. Refine the recipe for these situations by using the substitutes listed below:

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