Athlete’s Foot Spritzer


Foot fungus is easy to heal with proactive management. This natural spray is inexpensive to make and easy to use. It combines yarrow with powerful essential oils to dry out the fungus while encouraging our own immune systems to fight against further infection. The vinegar base does wonders to stabilize our natural pH balance. The trick is to make your yarrow vinegar ahead of time to restock your spritzer supplies. Herbal infused vinegars are simple and cheap to make. Check our how-to for directions.

This spritzer can be used to disinfect other items such as questionable public bathroom toilet seats, summer sandals that have been sitting in storage all winter or your own sock drawer. For more effective treatment, couple this spritzer with directions for athlete’s foot care tips on our site.

It is important to treat shower stalls and bathtubs as well as your feet so that you don’t reinfect yourself. Give your bathroom porcelain a good scrubbing with a baking soda/vinegar treatment first. Keep it disinfected with consistent spritzes of disinfectant after bathing so that you don’t spread this fungus to any one you share a living space with.

As you recover, be certain not to wear tight fitting shoes or damp socks. Your feet need to breath. It is also time to shore up your immune system so that your body is strong enough to fight this infection. A healthy diet and immune-stimulating herbs such as Ginger are excellent helpers when taken internally.





  • measuring spoons
  • 2 ounce glass bottle with a spritzer top
  • a label


  1. Pour the water and yarrow infused vinegar into the glass bottle.
  2. Carefully add the essential oils.
  3. Your mixture will have a little extra room at the top for more formula so add a little extra water to fill the bottle.
  4. Screw the cap carefully on the bottle.
  5. Label your final product with the name of the formula and the directions to shake the bottle before using.

Storage and Use

Shake the bottle before spritzing. Do not use this spray on an open wound.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Do not spritz the fluid into any one’s eyes or mouth.

Store your spritzer in a glass bottle if possible. Essential oil will eventually break down the plastic in the cap, or in the bottle if you use a plastic bottle, so keep your eye on it.

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