The Sacred Science by Nick Polizzi

Best audience for The Sacred Science:

Those who are interested in learning more about how shamanic practice and herbalism can help people heal from deep wounds and diseases. Those interested in gaining more insight into shamanic and herbal healing in the jungle.

Candace said: I loved seeing the story of how Nick Polizzi, Documentary Film Maker and Modern Mainstream Guy, found his footing in one of Traditional Medicine’s oldest paths…that of the Shaman. The Sacred Science book is a delicious companion to Nick’s documentary film of the same name on shamanic medicine in the South American jungle. I loved getting insight into the events that inspired the film and more so getting insight into how this wonderful, personable, down-to-earth guy took the first of many journeys into the Otherworlds. In true teaching fashion, Nick offers wonderful suggestions for finding your own path into a more Spiritual approach to life, love, and healing right where you are. If you’d like to find the Spiritual in your life or better understand the intersection between Shamanic Journey and real life, The Sacred Science by Nick Polizzi is sure to please.

Sue said: I admit that when I first caught wind of this book, I was hesitant. I had seen the documentary that the author based the book on and I was worried that this would be one of those books designed to prop up the author’s ego. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Nick Polizza is painfully honest with himself and his readers. He walks his journey to self discovery while supporting the subjects of the film in theirs. His struggles around filming in a jungle with vulnerable people is described in a compellingly raw yet respectful manner. He is telling his story while leaving room for other stories to be heard.

Nick Polizzi grants tremendous and well-placed respect for the healers in the book. Nick reveals his admiration for the shamans Roman, Edwin, and Habin as they work with the patients described in the book. He talks in detail about the challenges in the process that they walk the group through. It is not a glossy affair. There are poisonous snakes, steep muddy trails, bland and repetitive food, and grueling rituals designed to present all members of the group with some very hard truths. As the shaman Roman say, “Sometimes you have to break down to break through.” Nick brings the readers through this process in a way that allows us to see hard truths in ourselves.

For more information on this book, listen to our podcast interview with Nick Polizzi.

The bottom line: We give The Sacred Science two thumbs up.

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