3.Protecting Boundaries with Elderberry and Flower

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The elder tree and its medicine is surrounded by myth, some of which is rooted in fact and some of which is pure fantasy. In this episode we’ll talk a little about the mythic properties of elder, how it protects boundaries physically and spiritually, and then go on to cover the modern day myths perpetuated in a variety of sources online and in print. We’ll also cover practical tips on using elderberry and flower as well as growing elder.

In the show, we discussed:

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Herbal 101

Herbalists use a variety of terms to describe the properties of herbs. We discussed pH, what it stands for and why it’s important to canning as well as a healthy diet. For further information on pH, see Putting Food By: Fifth Edition (affiliate link) or the National Center for Home Food Preservation website.

Herbs in the News

In August, 2014, Natural News published an article online claiming that Ebola can be prevented and treated with a homemade remedy they called homeopathic. After a lot of complaints, they took the article down, stating that further review was needed. NY Daily News published a subsequent news article entitled “Website Claims to Treat Ebola with Natural Remedy” in which they reported on and reprinted the details of the remedy from the Natural News article. We discussed the original article and the fallacies of the author’s facts as well as the responsibilities publishers bear in reporting herbal information accurately. We also discussed the importance of doing research and checking sources before trying any herbal remedy.

The Practical Herbalist Team

Candace, Sue, Patrick and Chicken

Candace Hunter, Sue Sierralupe and Patrick Hunter have been working together as the Practical Herbalist/Real Herbalism Radio team for many years. They have published 10 books which are available in Kindle form.

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