20.Tapping the Keg–Herbalists Rediscover Beers of Olde

herbal beers

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We sample Beers and Cider that are brewed with herbs and not hops

Beers brewed and flavored with herbs and fruits beyond hops are one of the largest growing branches of the Craft Brewing industry, an industry that fast beating out the big brewers so many of us grew up with. For herbalists, that’s a whole new avenue into practical, holistic medicine. Today, we’ll be tasting a small selection of Herbal Craft Brews and talking about how herbs factor into their character.

Guest: Dylan Sierralupé, a self-proclaimed beer fanatic and avid homebrewer who doesn’t identify with the hipster movement but sure has been part of their push toward more herbal brewing at home and in the Craft Brewing industry, joined us to offer his unique perspective on herbal beers.

Herbs We Discussed:

Herbal 101

Herbalists use a variety of terms to describe the properties of herbs. We discussed the Safety of Harvesting Nettle after it’s flowered.


The Practical Herbalist Team

Candace, Sue, Patrick and Chicken

Candace Hunter, Sue Sierralupe and Patrick Hunter have been working together as the Practical Herbalist/Real Herbalism Radio team for many years. They have published 10 books which are available in Kindle form.

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