Let’s Talk Series: Stealth Microbes with Dr. Bill Rawls

Many people are mystified by the unseen world of microbes. How do these invisible microbiomes influence our immune systems? What can we do to help our army of white blood cells stay on track? Lyme disease and fibromyalgia specialist, Dr. Bill Rawls, spends a few minutes putting all this into layman’s terms.

Although Dr. Bill is an MD, he has studied herbal medicine and incorporates them into his teachings. So it is no surprise that he shares a usable list of herbs and medicinal mushrooms with significant immune modulating and adaptogenic properties so you can improve your own health with nature’s bounty.

Herbs we mentioned:

Bill Rawls

Dr. Bill Rawls

Bill Rawls, MD, who holds his medical license in North Carolina, has written extensively on health topics, including Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and Chronic Immune Dysfunction. He’s the author of Suffered Long Enough and Unlocking Lyme. Dr. Rawls serves as Medical Director for Vital Plan, an herbal supplement and wellness company he co-founded with his daughter, Braden.

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