Let’s Talk Series: Understanding Herbal Research with Jakob Slettleland

There is a bounty of research that herbalists can learn from that is readily available yet translating the scientific jargon can be daunting. Jakob Slettleland MSc RH(AHG) shares helpful perspectives on reading and interpreting herbal research. He gives tips on recognizing studies that are done well and those that are best ignored. He clears up a few terms such as invitro and invivo and why anecdotal accounts do not belong in the discussion.

Jakob’s theory is that scientific information is a tool that herbalists will be able to use to their advantage once they have a grasp on the jargon and scope. Just a few tips from Jakob dulls the edge of intimidation that many have about scientific studies. The world needs more educated herbal healers. Knowledge is power.

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Jakob Slettleland

Jakob Slettleland

Jakob Slettleland provides conventional healthcare practitioners with CAM consulting and research services for their patients suffering with complex disease presentations, and offers health consulting for individual clinical clientele at Vital Force Natural Health. Traditionally oriented in Unani Tibb (Greek-Arabic Medicine) and trained in modern phytotherapy (contemporary scientific herbal medicine) and clinical nutrition, Jakob also volunteers as a clinical herbalist at Occupy Medical. As a health educator, clinical herbalist, nutritionist, and research scientist, he strives to cultivate health on physical, psychological, social, and spiritual levels.


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