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Herbalism and Holistic Medicine often clash with modern Scientific champions over the best path to healing. The thing is…the two are far more intimately connected in their research and results than they realize.

Today, we’re talking with Matthew Wood, Herbalist with a Masters of Science and Herbal Medicine from the Scottish School of Herbalism accredited by the University of Wales, author of many books on herbalism, Herbal Educator and Practitioner at the Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism about modern and traditional perspectives on why Holistic Healing works.

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Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood has been a practicing herbalist for over thirty-five years. An internationally known author and lecturer in the field, he holds a Master of Science degree in herbal medicine from the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine. A professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, he is the author of several books, including The Earthwise Herbal and The Book of Herbal Wisdom. He lives in Spring Valley, Wisconsin.


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