293.Seeing Healing in a Bigger Way through Ashkenazi Herbalism with Deatra Cohen and Adam Siegel-Herb Chat

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Candace and Patrick talked their Solstice Plans and how the conversation with Deatra and Adam last week reflected in our current world, including challenges we’ve all faced and walking the line between Spirit and Physical healing.

Topics we mentioned:

  • Solstice
  • Spirit–Physical Healing and Living
  • Scale of Nature’s Time vs. Human Time
  • Craziness of 2021

Important Ponts to Consider

“As always, remember to treat the plants kindly and respectfully. They are living beings that exist in their own right.

Like us, they are part of nature and the natural world.

They’ve been very generous in all they give to us and our planet. And they don’t discriminate between peoples. They connect with anyone who is open to them, which is such a beautiful way to be in this world.

I also wanted to add that the materia medica section of our book is not meant to be read as a working herbal but rather as a historical comparative document.

And if you are going to work with any plants, please do your research and check as many reputable sources as possible beforehand.”

–Deatra, 2021

Deatra Cohen and Adam Siegel

Deatra Cohen and Adam Siegel

Deatra Cohen is an author, herbalist, and artist. She holds degrees from the University of California, Davis, San Jose State University, and the Berkeley Herbal Center. Deatra lives in Northern California.

Adam Siegel is an author, translator, and bibliographer. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, the University of California, Berkeley, and San Jose State University, and lives in Northern California.


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