The Male Herbal by James Green

The Male Herbal by James Green

Best Audience for The Male Herbal:

Men and the women who take care of men, beginning and experienced herbalists alike

Patrick said: The Male Herbal contains good herbal information, including basics on making herbal preparations. Green makes it easy for men who are reluctant herbalists to use plants to care for themselves and their boys. This is a good reference for troubleshooting male health issues, especially those of middle-aged men and older. The Male Herbal is text-heavy with few photos, so it’s a real commitment to get through. While I know young men and boys could benefit from reading Green’s book, the middle-aged and older men will definitely reap a lot from committing to this read. This isn’t a DK picture book, but The Male Herbal is worth the read.

Sue said: I am grateful to have The Male Herbal as a resource for my patients. James Green has brought scholarship and enlightenment to a topic that normally gets slighted in herbal circles. The author is realistic about the standard herbs for men: ginseng and saw palmetto. He encourages use of other herbs that help men’s issues in practical ways. This is a book that is tailored for men but is accessible for female practitioners with male patients as well.

The Bottom Line: We give The Male Herbal by James Green two thumbs up.

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