Plant Songs by Jessica Baker – Book Review

Plant Songs Book Cover

Best Audience for Plant Songs:

Beginning Herbalists, Folks who want to explore Body-Mind-Spirit in Herbal practice, Those who learn best through Story and Experience wanting to connect with Plants

Candace said,

“I loved the connections Jessica makes with the Spirit and Energy of the Plants and their Healing Properties. She’s chosen beautiful stories from her own experiences to illustrate the way each plant moves in the body and in the world. Her writing is memorable and comfortable. She offers a simple and clear primer on the language of TCM, helping to make the energetic nature of the plant medicines she mentions comprehensible even to folks who know little to nothing about energetic medicine or Traditional Chinese Herbal practice. I particularly loved the way she groups the plants she’s selected into eras, fitting their medicine beautifully within the metaphor of Human Experience.”

Sue said,

“Plant Songs is a quick read that can be consumed in just a few sittings as I did or one chapter at a time. This is not normally the kind of book I would pick up for myself. It does not mention chemistry or constituents which are my personal favorites. It doesn’t pretend to be a botanical ID book but as the author mentioned, there are plenty of other books that do that. Jessica Baker wrote a deeply personal book about her psychological connection to herbs. It was interesting to see how she grouped them in connection to her own life journey. As I read her book, I thought of my own view of these plants and memories they inspired. Her book motivated me to investigate a few plants that I had been neglecting.”

Rating: 2 thumbs up


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