DIY Bitters by Guido Masé and Jovial King

DIY Bitters by Guide Mase and Jovial King

Best audience for DIY Bitters:

Herbalists, Hipsters, Bartenders, and Cocktail Enthusiasts

Candace said: I Loved playing with the recipes and techniques in DIY Bitters. Guido and Jovial have shared a lovely selection of recipes and tips for creating your own bittering agents, like chamomile, gentian and ginger bitters. Beyond the standard cocktails you might expect, like the Dark and Stormy or Bloody Mary recipes they offer, DIY Bitters includes a wonderful selection of non-alcoholic bitters. I tried them out at a dinner party shortly after I picked up my copy of DIY Bitters and I can attest to the fun and joy my guests got out of trying them out. I think Bacon Bitters were the biggest surprise to my guests, but the Cacao pastilles vanished the fastest!

As an avenue to better understanding the medicinal value of bitters, Guido and Jovial have offered an approachable and understandable explanation. DIY Bitters offers an overview of how bitter herbs support digestion alongside a solid intro to the chemistry and how to select the right bitters for your purposes. I loved that DIY Bitters truly gives readers the tools to experiment and play effectively with Bitters as cocktails and beyond.

Patrick said: Bitters to me have always been something snooty people add to their cocktail. Was I misinformed? This book not only opened my eyes to the culinary side of bitters but also to the medicinal side. I realize now why they have been added to drinks in the past, partly to help digest the food I’m about to eat but also to help give a taste explosion on my palate. Bitters is a flavor I seem to avoid like many other people. I loved how Guido and Jovial made it possible to take something so horrible tasting and, with the right mix of ingredients, offer a unique and exceptional flavor experience. Their how-to is spot on, the listings of bitters ingredients help to inform, and their recipes make it fun to wow your friends. I loved it…Especially the bacon bitters and connected drink recipe. This book was a surprise and a treat.

Sue said: I surveyed this book as an herbalist who dabbles in cocktails. The wide assortment of herbs that can be used for bitters was exceptional. As the cocktail revolution is now at our doorstep, diversity in flavors is celebrated. I found the herb and extraction descriptions to be informed and relevant. Both of the authors are experts in the field so I expected no less. The photos were lovely and helpful. This is a book that will remain in use for decades. It is also telling that my friend who owns a cocktail supply making company and DYI Bitters is on his Christmas list. This book is useful for a cocktail beginner like me and a pro like him.

The bottom line: We give DIY Bitters: Reviving the Forgotten Flavor – A Guide to Making Your Own Bitters for Bartenders, Cocktail Enthusiasts, Herbalists, and More by Guido Masé and Jovial King two thumbs up.

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