Tips for Donating Blood The Practical Herbalist Way

blood donor

Nettle is an herb that’s high in iron, so I drink a cup of nettle tea every day. I prefer to combine the nettle with green tea to help control my allergies. Raspberry leaf and horsetail also are high in iron, so I often throw a scoop of these herbs in the mix as an easily digestible supplement. I like to drink a cup of Iron Booster Tea every day when I’m feeling weary. It helps give me the charge I need to get through me day without relying on caffeine whether I am donating blood or not.

After giving blood, it’s important to bring your blood sugar levels back in check before you head for home. Most blood banks are wonderful about passing out juice and snacks to reestablish these levels. Cinnamon has a warm taste and is noted for its ability to lift blood sugar quickly. Chewing on a cinnamon stick is a clever way to keep circulation in top shape.

Blueberries are great snacks for keeping blood sugar levels in balance. Bring fresh or dried blueberries to munch after you donate. If you’re a diabetic and fruit is off your list, try a blueberry fruit and leaf blend tea or tincture. It’s the vacciunium species that holds the secret to blood sugar production. Some stores have bilberry available instead of blueberry. Either of these species are great choices.

Quick Tips for Donating Blood The Practical Herbalist Way:

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