chili pepper powder

Cayenne is just one of the many chili peppers herbalists love for their fiery hot medicine. One secret we’ve been keeping is that cayenne, as well as a few other chilies, intensify their fire in the freezer. If you plan to make chili for the freezer as an easy, quick dinner on one of those busy weeknights, add a little less cayenne than you normally would.

Other fiery spices include cassia cinnamon, grains of paradise, peppercorns, garlic, curry blends, and the myriad of other chili pepper relatives.

Or, if you’re like me, plan on picking up an extra carton of yogurt or sour cream on the way home from work. Both yogurt and sour cream will cool the burn on your tongue, letting you enjoy that fiery cayenne chili and all it’s good medicine comfortably.

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