Best audience for Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long:

Gardeners who want to make the most of their year

Candace said: I love how Coleman has laid out a surprisingly reasonable strategy for gardening all year long. In the area I live in now, the thought isn’t so foreign as it was in my hometown. I wish I’d had Coleman’s book when I lived back in Minnesota. I’m sure a lot of his suggestions would have worked there and would have been reasonable for my budget. In the Pacific Northwest, most of his ideas are golden and, surprisingly inexpensive. I look forward to employing the tips and techniques in Four-Season Harvest in the years to come.

Sue said: Those of us living in the temperate zone are already familiar with the concept of year-round produce. Kale, collards, and chard spring from our winter garden beds. Coleman takes this concept a few steps further. His suggestions are as practical as they are brilliant. His book is an inspiration for gardeners of all climates.


The bottom line: We give Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman 2 thumbs up.

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