Herbal Celebrities

mustard keaton

In honor of April Fool’s Day, the Practical Herbalist presents….

Herbal Celebrities!

Although we love Ginger Rogers, we wanted more names. Below is a list of botanical wonders that have magically merged with famous people both past and present. See how many of them you can decipher. They say laughter is good medicine, so take a few spoonfuls of fun!

Thanks to “Mustard Keaton” and “Poison Ivy” for helping me put this together.

  • Mia Fennel
  • Rosemary Tyler Moore
  • Linden Tree Johnson
  • Jimmy Sage
  • Tea Tree Herman
  • Chili Nelson
  • Mel GibSunflower
  • Kristen Bellpepper
  • Harvey Milk Thistle
  • Rosehips Magowan
  • Benedict Cucumberbatch
  • Tom Celeriac
  • Glenn Cloves
  • Emma Stoneroot
  • Drew Cranberrymore
  • Cherry Chase
  • Dave Chaparral
  • Whoopie Goldenthread
  • Leonardo DiCapsicum
  • Hazel Berry
  • Shisandra Bullock
  • Miley Cypress
  • Judge Jujube
  • Teri Garlic
  • John Cleavers
  • Myrtle Streep
  • Dandelionel Ritchie
  • Sumac Hayek
  • Reverend Aloe Sharpton
  • Gary and Penny Marshmallow
  • Sambuccus Elliott
  • Olive Leaf Cromwell
  • Jack Lemon Peel
  • Vitex Avery
  • Strawberry Gibbs
  • Bilberry Murray
  • Catherine the Grape
  • Goldenrod Stewart
  • Keanu Reeds
  • Margaret Ginsenger
  • Cardamon Diaz
  • Angelica Huston
  • William Shakespearmint
  • Jerry Pinefield
  • Samuel Elder Jackson
  • Matt Damiana
  • Kris Chrysanthemum
  • Ryan Seabuckthorn




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