Arthritis Formula for Dogs

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I formulated this glycerite blend for a friend’s dog who had crippling arthritis in his hips. He was a retriever and, sadly, hip problems are a genetic problem for this breed. He was still young, only 7 years-old when he began to have his issues. The vet put him on glucosamine, which helped but wasn’t enough.

It was easy to add fish oil to his diet. He loved it. Just a tablespoon stirrred into his kibble made it a special treat. One other problem was that he was a high energy dog. He would bound around the yard even when he was feeling sore, which made his condition worse. I suggested the formula listed below with a sprinkling of oats to keep him calm while he healed.

This blend was formulated as a glycerite blend. It does have tincture in it. I use tincture because rosemary extracts much better in tincture than in glycerine. If you are uncomfortable with giving your dog any alcohol at all, substitute the rosemary tincture for a rosemary syrup or glycerite. Keep in mind that the animal would only be getting a few drops per serving.

Glycerites are easy and inexpensive to make.


  • 2 parts Rosemary tincture
  • 2 parts Turmeric root glycerite
  • 2 parts Ginger root glycerite
  • 1 part Marshmallow root glycerite
  • 1/2 tsp Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) powder per 28 oz of finished formula


  • measuring cups
  • a spatula
  • a funnel
  • a label
  • a large dark bottle with a lid


  1. Gather the ingredients along with the equipment in a clean, well-lit, workspace.
  2. Pour the individual ingredients, one at a time, into a clear measuring cup.
  3. Add the appropriate amount of Vitamin C powder.
  4. Mix the ingredients carefully.
  5. Using a funnel, pour the mixture into a darkly-colored glass bottle and cap it securely.
  6. Label the bottle with the name of the blend and add the date.

Storage and Use

Store your tincture bottle in a cool dark place. Glycerites have a shelf life of 1 to 2 years depending on the quality of your storage conditions. Refrigeration extends the life of your glycerites.

The Recommended Dosage for Dogs:

  • Teacup breeds – 1/2 tsp blend, 2 times daily
  • Small dogs under 25 lbs – 1 or 2 tsp, 2 times daily
  • Medium dogs between 25 – 50 lbs – 1 tbsp, 2 times daily
  • Large dogs heavier than 50 lbs – 2 tbsp, 2 times daily
  • Giant breeds heavier than 100 lbs – 3 or 4 tbsp, 2 times daily

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