Sow Oats and Reap Rewards: Grow and Harvest Avena Sativa, Milky Oats

Oats, Avena sativa, are easy to grow, harvest, process and incorporate into a nourished, resilient lifestyle filled with flexibility, strength and stamina. Our ancestors relied on this member of the grass (Poaceae) family for thousands of years for a variety of reasons such as human consumption, medicinal use, animal feed and bedding. Oats are also […]

Nourish Body and Soul with Avena: Oats

Research has shown that oats represent a sound unbroken link to our herbal lineage. A solid one-third of my herbal library refers to oats as a trophorestorative; soothing, nourishing and nervine. The message is steady and consistent, much like Avena herself: Take peace, take comfort, take strength.

Here are some of the ways I roll with oats, Avena sativa…

Herbs for Fear, Anxiety: Engage Plant Power to Soothe the Nerves

linden tree, standing at base, looking up

We live in interesting times. The current climate circulating around the viral pandemic, COVID-19, can naturally stimulate a basic survival reaction in us. Stress, as a response to our circumstances and the environment, is common and essential to all living beings. As human beings, equipped with a brain that processes incoming data (stimuli), we are […]