Lower Your LDL Cholesterol Naturally

flax seed

Cholesterol is the bane of our modern existence. Sure, you can go to great lengths to avoid those high cholesterol levels the doctors warn against, but most of us just don’t. The result is that by middle age, you may well be faced with a choice, continue to do as you have been or start taking prescription pharmaceuticals to lower your LDL cholesterol rate. If you want to avoid the prescription in the future, try adding Flax seed to your diet. Several scientific studies show that freshly ground Flax seed taken daily can help reduce LDL cholesterol as much as 8-14 percent in healthy adults as well as those with high cholesterol. If you’re already taking medicine for high cholesterol, consult with your physician or healthcare provider about the potential for Flax seed to help you reduce your cholesterol levels.

Not all cholesterol is bad for you however LDL cholesterol irritates the lining of blood vessels. It can be formed from oxidized cholesterol in fried and/or heavily processed foods. This increases plaque deposits along the arterial walls which can lead to heart conditions such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). This is a preventable disease which runs a major risk of opening the door for heart disease and stroke.

A healthy diet is your first defense. Soluble fiber from vegetables, fruit such as apples and berries, oats, barley, rye, beans and peas. Many people add psyllium or prunes to their diet to keep them regular not realizing that it has an added effect of lowering cholesterol as well. Even 5-10 grams of soluble fiber daily can decrease your LDL by close to 5% over time.

Be smart. Cholesterol is a serious issue. Work with your doctor honestly and openly. If your healthcare practitioner recommends taking medication for lowering your LDL, follow instructions. Ask about dietary changes and supplements mentioned above. Remember that diet can effect how the body reacts to other medication. The best bet is to have a healthy diet throughout life. Making changes later in life can be tough to implement but the results are worth it.

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