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Inulin From Dandelion – How It Works

Inulin from Dandelion – How it Works

Inulin is a starchy, soluble dietary fiber found in many fruits and vegetables. It is a chain of carbohydrates (called an oligosaccharide) made by over 36,000 plants in order to…

Dandelion Energetics: Cool And Dry Detox Queen

Dandelion Energetics: Cool and Dry Detox Queen

Herbal Nerd Society Content: Dandelion is among the staples of modern herbalists, just as it was a staple among the Traditional Western Herbalists of a few centuries ago. The deeply-toothed, smooth-leafed species we know today as Taraxacum officinale, or just plain ol' dandelion to most of us, is one of several species that have been used worldwide to cool and move stagnant or damp fiery energies.

Herb of the Month: Dandelion

This month's herb is Dandelion, one of our favorites. It is versatile, abundant, powerful, and good for what ails us. Thi article features our herb of the month video and a curated list of articles, Herbal Nerd Society content, podcasts, and recipes. We hope you enjoy.
Hepatitis Bowed To Dandelion: A Clinical Memoir

Hepatitis Bowed to Dandelion: A Clinical Memoir

Note: The Clinic Memoirs are based on real experiences from Occupy Medical clinic, a free, integrated health clinic that serves patients primarily, but not exclusively, in Lane County, Oregon since…

Dandelion History, Folklore, Myth And Magic

Dandelion History, Folklore, Myth and Magic

The healing ways of dandelion spread as quickly as its seeds parachute in the wind. The Chinese were the first to describe dandelion's medicinal virtues in purifying the blood and…

Dandelion – Pocket Herbal

Dandelion – Pocket Herbal

Taraxacum officinalis - Asteraceae family To early American colonists, dandelions were carefully tended crops. Europeans brought this ancient food with them to plant in their gardens for use as salad…

Dandelion Porter Recipe For All-grain Beer Brewing

Dandelion Porter recipe for All-grain Beer Brewing

My goal was to develop a good porter that did not use hops. With it's liver-supporting properties and wealth of vitamins and minerals, Dandelion seemed like the perfect substitute. In the original version of this recipe, I used a combination of fresh and dried dandelion tops for bittering, which yielded a well-balanced, lightly bittered porter, and fresh and dried sage and calendula to achieve a hop-like aroma. At first, the aroma wasn't right, but after letting the brew age for three weeks the scent had mellowed considerably to one quite reminiscent of the Tetnanger hops I might otherwise have used.
Dandelion: The Liver Cleanser

Dandelion: The Liver Cleanser

Taraxacum officinale, a.k.a. Fairy Clock Few plants can fill the herbalist's heart with such joy as the common dandelion. Dandelion's sunny yellow flowers open every morning with a familiarly radiant…

Change In The Air – Podcast Show 200

Change in the Air – Podcast Show 200

Even when change is good, it is still stressful. The RHR team goes into a hefty list of adaptogen herbs that they rely on for helping themselves and others get through stress.
Apple Cider Vinegar For Lowering LDL Cholesterol

Apple Cider Vinegar for Lowering LDL Cholesterol

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive Article - Herbalists know that apple cider vinegar deserves its place in the spotlight is its proven effect of reducing low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.
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