184.Wildcrafting with Howie Brounstein and Christina Sanchez

Show-184-Wildcrafting-Howie Brounstein-Christina-Sanchez

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When the weather is right and the herbs are calling, we herbalists love to get into the wild for a little wildcrafting. What is wildcrafting? It is a common term for for harvesting medicinal and food plants that grow in wild or uncultivated places. Whether you’re going into the forest, field or desert, there are a few tips and rules for doing it right. Today, we’re talking with Christina Sanchez, founder of Every Leaf Speaks and Howie Brounstein of Columbine School of Botanical Studies about wildcrafting in many environments properly.

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Christina Sanchez and Howie Brounstein

Sanchez and Brounstein

Christina Sanchez is an herbalist and licensed cosmetologist who lives in Joshua Tree, California. She is the founder of the herbal product company, Every Leaf Speaks and owns and operates Christina Sanchez Hair Design and is a high desert environmental activist.


Howie Brounstein is an herbalist and teacher at the Columbine School of Botanical Studies. Howie was the owner of Wizardry Herbs, Inc., a manufacturer of quality wildcrafted herbal products. This intentionally small-sized business supplied high quality bio-regional herbs to the local community.


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