269.Embracing Change on the Herbal Path with Anna Rosa Herb Chat

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Candace and Patrick discussed connecting with herbs as well as hearing Anna Rosa talk about making more money and how to make that happen. They talked about starting The Real Herb Market and how working with so many tremendous herbal product makers is a way of following their bliss. They also talked about whether or not Joseph Campbell’s famous quote, “Follow Your Bliss” and the rest will come, is a huge lie, a myth, or a potential reality.

Herbs we mentioned:

Herbs in the News

Eat this, not that article on Turmeric for COVID.

  • Green Tea
  • Inflammation
  • Anti-Viral

Anna Rosa

“I have worked as a herbalist in Iceland for the past three decades. After all this time, I can honestly say that I love what I do. I love tending to my patients and seeing them getting better. I love handpicking my plants in the pure wilderness of Iceland and making medicine with them. I also really love formulating and making all my products by hand. I am so very grateful for having discovered my passion so young and to have managed to make a living out of it too.”

Anna Rósa studied medical herbalism at the College of Phytotherapy in England from 1988-1992. She also has an ITEC Diploma in massage and a B.Sc degree in business from the University of Reykjavík. She is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in UK, which is the oldest herbalist institute in the world, founded in 1894.


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