215.Bee Gardening and Cloves-Herb Chat

215.Bee Gardening and cloves herb chat Sweet Remedies book cover

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Candace and Patrick talked about their gardening plans, including ideas for supporting the bees in their neighborhood, and about Cloves in the News.

Herbs we mentioned:

Where’s Sue?

Sue’s working on a new venture in 2020. Check out The Integrated Herbalist to see what Sue’s up to today!

Herbs in the News

We discussed “Detoxify Your Liver, Lower Blood Sugar, and Fight Cancer with Cloves” by Ashley Lall. We mentioned Eugenol, Animal Studies vs. Human Studies, and Traditional Chai spices.

Dawn Combs

Author Dawn Combs

Dawn Combs is the author of Sweet Remedies: Healing Herbal Honeys. She is the co-owner of the herbal health farm Mockingbird Meadows and the master formulator for a variety of the farm’s herb- and honey-based products. Trained in ethnobotany, she travels across the country to speak about botanical wellness and home health proficiency. She writes a column, Roots Rx, for Heirloom Gardener magazine and is a regular contributor to Mother Earth Living, Mother Earth News, and Hobby Farms. She has written two previous books about herbal healing. Combs lives with her family in central Ohio.


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