The Ultimate Mushroom Book by Peter Jordan and Steven Wheeler

The Ultimate Mushroom Book by Peter Jordan and Steven Wheeler

Best audience for The Ultimate Mushroom Book:

Beginning mushroom hunters who already have a solid field guide

Candace said: The Ultimate Mushroom Book contains a good selection of mushrooms, edible and poisonous, with good descriptions and photos, although it’s no field guide. Where this book really shines is in all the other material. Jordan and Wheeler have included a substantial list of recipes and preservation methods as well as made what I’ve found to be some pretty sound recommendations on how best to use each variety of mushroom they cover. I love that they’ve strayed from the usual drying, canning, and freezing to include some other quite tasty and useful preservation methods like tincturing and salting amongst others. The Ultimate Mushroom Book was clearly written for an English audience and thus there are a few minor differences between common names used in the United Kingdom compared to those used in my Pacific Northwest woods, but for folks who have solid experience in mushrooming or who have a good field guide, those differences ought to be no big deal. Colorful even. Overall, The Ultimate Mushroom Book is a handy reference and cookbook, especially when you have the happy problem of a few too many edible mushrooms in your basket and need of ideas for what to do with them.

Patrick said: I love this book … not for identifying mushrooms but for the pictures and the extensive mushroom recipes in the back of it. I have made a few dishes with this and have been very happy with the results. The pictures of the mushrooms are big and colorful and help me to see how they look. I also like the English take on mushrooming and naming of the mushrooms there versus here. A big plus for this book is the preservation of mushrooms from making mushroom-infused vodka to salting mushrooms it helps to extend your harvest all year round.

The Bottom Line: We give The Ultimate Mushroom Book by Peter Jordan and Steven Wheeler two thumbs up.

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