Moodtopia by Sara-Chana Silverstein


Best Audience for Moodtopia

Frazzled, Frustrated, Moody People and those who love them; Moody Guys and Gals; Parents, Professionals, and Anyone Else who finds life just a little Emotionally Challenging

Candace Said:

Moodtopia holds a wonderful collection of tools and techniques for bringing balance to life. I loved Sara-Chana’s approach to using plants and other natural techniques. She offers sage advice for creating space in your life for peace and serenity, and for finding the right herbs and essential oils to support yourself through the challenges life throws your way. Sara-Chana’s experience helping countless clients create balance and get their moods under control informs every page. I loved the stories she used to illustrate each herb she covers. They made it so easy to understand the personality type and real-life details that each plant most loves to aid.

When you’re struggling with mood-swings, stress, insomnia, anger, or other crazy ups-and-downs, it’s hard to make time to give yourself the extra care you need. Too often caregivers put everyone else ahead of themselves. With the tools in Moodtopia and Sara-Chana’s caring and expert support, that extra TLC becomes a reality with gentle ease. I definitely recommend Moodtopia by Sara-Chana Silverstein to anyone who wants to find a path into a place of balance, the place Sara-Chana has dubbed Moodtopia.

Sue said:

This book provides gentle yet firm guidance into the fine art of mastering your emotions. For many people, honing this skill means they are also able to take ownership of their life’s decisions. The author, Sara-Chana Silverstein, fills her book with a wide diversity of options for those that struggle with mood control. The author is an herbalist and herbs are her first choice in offering help to the overwhelmed. She has a list of her favorites in the first half of the book and clearly draws out why she prefers them for the job at hand. As a clinical herbalist, I would have liked to have seen more research sited but I know that the link between the herbal bio-chemistry field and psychology/psychiatry field is just warming up. The author has some studies cited in her work already and I am confident that future additions will have more mentioned as they are developed.

Sara-Chana knows her subject. She writes about other options for mood-wrangling like color choices, listening tips, forest bathing and mood-based diaries. My favorite set of guidance from her was reminding people to be kind. Random acts of kindness helps everyone we touch in ways we can’t even begin to calculate. She reminds us that kindness to others gives us permission to be kind to ourselves too.

The Bottom Line

We give Moodtopia: Tame Your Moods, De-Stress, and Find Balance Using Herbal Remedies, Aromatherapy, and More by Sara-Chana Silverstein two thumbs up.

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