Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West by Michael Moore

Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West by Michael Moore

Best audience for Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West:

Experienced herbalists of the western United States as well as those in other areas

Candace said: What I love best about Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West is the plethora of information on such a wide variety of plants. Many of my favorites are there, like mallow, nettle, and Saint John’s Wort. Others, like Mistletoe and tobacco, surprised me. Beyond those, I found an amazing number of new potential herbal allies in Moore’s work. I loved the detailed information on primary constituents and medicinal processing as well as the information on how to use each plant. The descriptions were good but lacked photos to go along. For me, identification by words alone is a bit of a challenge, so I highly recommend investing in a good guidebook for use alongside Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West if you’re planning to go gathering.

Sue said: Nobody can top Michael Moore’s herbal brew of user-friendly writing, organization, real-time knowledge and passion for the plants. My first edition of this book is tattered and torn; a testament to the utility of this volume. Moore speaks not only from experience but from scholarship. This book is a companion to a scientific botanical ID book. It can only be used alone if the herbalist is already comfortable with the plants in their natural environment. It is the descriptions of medicinal use, collection tips and habitat that really cause us to stuff this book in our backpacks season after season.

The Bottom Line: We give Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West by Michael Moore two thumbs up.

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