The Complete Meadmaker by Ken Schramm

complete meadmaker

Best audience for The Complete Meadmaker:

Mead enthusiasts with beginning or experienced mead making skills

Sue said: This is a well made paperback book in an easy to read format. As an amateur, I enjoyed reading about the colorful history of mead that introduces the book as well as the historical blurbs sprinkled throughout the text. The terms for mead making were clearly described and tools and procedures were presented in a way that wasn’t intimidating. The photographs were often fuzzy, but they always pertained to the text in a meaningful way. As a novice, I would choose this book as the first purchase in an ever-growing library of fermented drink references.

Candace said: Ken Schramm’s The Complete Meadmaker had me enthralled from the first chapter. I learned meadmaking using different techniques from those Schramm presented for beginners, but what he’s presented here makes a heck of a lot of sense to me. I picked up several ideas in The Complete Meadmaker I plan to implement in my process and I gained some insight into a few of the problems I’ve run into over the years. Overall, I found Schramm’s voice enjoyable, making The Complete Meadmaker an easy and enjoyable read.

The Bottom Line: Candace and Sue give Ken Schramm’s The Complete Meadmaker two thumbs up.

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