Living with Chickens by Jay Rossier

Living with Chickens by Jay Rossier

Best audience for Living with Chickens:

Chicken farmers from beginner to more experienced, including those who want to try their hand at incubating and raising their own chickens

Candace said: Of the six chicken books I read in preparation for Real Herbalism Radio Show 80: Chickens, Living with Chickens by Jay Rossier was my favorite. I loved how Jay mixed a ton of practical information with an almost lyrical story-telling narrative. His stories and experiences were delightful, making even the (boring!) technical bits fun. I particularly loved his attention to the details of chicken health and lifestyle, which gave me more insight into the secret lives of hens, how they organize (and they do organize!), and what their expectations might be of me. He offered me a sound understanding of the whys behind many of bits of advice I’ve heard on tending a flock as well as a variety of creative ideas for balancing human needs with those of the birds. I found many of the pics and illustrations quite helpful, too.

Sue said: My copy of Living with Chickens is warped and the spine is bent. This is a great compliment for hands on guide. It is better suited for the meat or dual purpose bird raiser than the layer bird raiser. The photos are charming and homely. The coops featured are not fancy. They are covered with tarps or cobwebs or both. This is for practical chicken lovers. It warms the crusty cockles of my heart.

The drawings feature explanations of chicken vents and diagrams of eggs. The mysteries of candling are explained with patience. The importance of proper butchering is detailed with kindness. In short, this book for every backyard chicken farmer.

The bottom line: We give Living with Chickens by Jay Rossier 2 thumbs up.

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