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Stress helps us adapt to new situations, seek alternatives, and solve problems. Many of the world’s greatest inventions, like the sewing machine, are the solutions to stressful situations. On the other hand, stress with no solution and no relief can wreak havoc with your state of mind, relationships, and ultimately with your body. This herbal blend for stress relief does wonders when my mind just won’t rest or when I can’t seem to ease the tension in my neck and shoulders.

If you like your tea sweet but want to avoid sugar, a few herbals and others you might try include:



  • 1 mixing bowl
  • 1 spoon
  • a resealable container large enough to hold the finished product
  • a label


  1. Pour the herbs into the mixing bowl and gently stir them with a spoon. Try not to break up the plant parts since this will release the essential oils.
  2. Pour the mix into a resealable container.
  3. Label the container with the name of the mix, ingredients and date mixed.

Storage and Use

Keep your tea blend in a sealed jar in a cool, dry place, like your pantry. Use the cold infusion or hot infusion method to make your tea using a quarter cup of tea blend for each quart of water. Or, make your tea a cup at a time using a tablespoon of tea for every 8 to 10 ounces of water.

This tea blend is especially helpful to people who are experiencing hormonal shifts, as in adolescence, PMS and the menstrual cycle, perimenopause, and menopause. It offers nutrition and rejuvenation to the body while easing the mind, which is often in turmoil during these transitional times of life.

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