Heavy Duty Herbal Dental Rinse for Dry Socket

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Dental visits are not fun and oral surgery is at the bottom of the list any one looks forward to. In order to reduce the odds of a return visit, I’m sharing this dental rinse formula for use after a dental extraction.

This formula was blended specifically for preventing dry socket, but it can be used in other ways as well. Dry socket occurs when a blood clot is blocked by other pits of bone or tooth debris or when a blood clot is prevented, thus inhibiting the healing process.

For those struggling with a painful absess, this formula is perfect for controlling the infection until your upcoming dental appointment.


It’s important to note this blend was not designed to replace a dental visit. It was designed to supplement dental health. Ask your dentist if there are other things you can do to make your oral surgery a success.

Calendula is a skin healing antiseptic. Myrrh is a strong antibiotic. Spilanthes is a gum numbing herb also known as toothache plant. The combination of the three doesn’t taste that great but it targets inflamed tissue and, with proper use, will calm an angry infection until the dentist can take care of the cause.



  • Measuring cups
  • Spatula
  • Funnel
  • Label and pen
  • Large dark bottle with lid
  • Dropper bottle, optional


  1. Gather the ingredients along with the equipment in a clean, well-lit, workspace.
  2. Pour the individual ingredients, one at a time, into a clear measuring cup.
  3. Mix the ingredients carefully.
  4. Using a funnel, pour the mixture into a darkly-colored glass bottle and cap it securely.
  5. Label the bottle with the name of the tincture blend and add the date.

Storage and Use

Take one to two droppers of your tincture blend in a little water as a throat gargle 2 or 3 times daily until you feel fortified. You have a choice of swallowing or spitting out the mouth rinse. If there’s a lot of phlegm this rinse dislodges then, by all means, spit it out. Otherwise, the rinse is perfectly safe to swallow.

Tips for Avoiding Dry Socket

After oral surgery, rest for the remainder of the day. Avoid rigorous exercise that might result in dislodging the blood clot in the socket. Drink lots of water. Don’t drink alcoholic, caffeinated, carbonated or hot beverages for at least 24 hours. Don’t drink with a straw or smoke for at least a week because the sucking action may dislodge the blood clot in the socket.

Eat only soft foods, such as yogurt, broth, or applesauce, for the first few days. Start eating semisoft foods when you can tolerate them. Gradually add more fibrous foods as you heal. Remember that you have an open wound in your mouth.

Avoid food that could easily get lodged in your wound.

Dentists suggest gently rinsing your mouth and brushing your teeth, but avoid the extraction site. A warm salt water rinse (1/2 tsp salt + 8 0z water) every two hours while awake and after meals for a week after your surgery is also a common suggestion. The herbal dental rinse formula can be added to the saltwater solution.

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