Balm of Protection: End Nightmares and Night Terrors

lip balm and cream near flowers

Balm of Protection is a blend that makes use of the gifts of Saint John’s Wort to lift depression and both define and strengthen one’s energy field and the gift of Wood Betony to center and ground one’s energy. Coupled with frankincense, copaiba balsam, vetiver, and yarrow, this balm is all about offering protection to those who need to be a little less expansive and open.

A dab on your pulse points and at your throat before you go out or encounter others helps to protect your core, allowing you to be with others while not making their energies your own. It’s like a little ray of sunshine in the dark or a protective layer when the light’s too bright. For me, it’s a tool for keeping better balance while my loved ones navigate troubled waters, allowing me to be present for them without compromising my own health in the process.

Folks who struggle with nightmares, vivid dreams, and generally troubled sleep can also benefit from a dab of Balm of Protection just before bed. Often, their astral bodies are becoming overly expanded during slumber and dreaming. That weakens the energy field and disturbs sleep, leading to feeling tired and worn out the next day. After several days, insomnia can set in, exacerbating the problem.

Often, folks who expand too much during sleep also have stronger-than-average psychic skills or abilities, whether they recognize it or not. Children, in particular, can be overly expanded and not recognize it. Anxiety and feelings of over stimulation or a sense of potential trouble in even the simplest situations can accompany this kind of over expansion. If this is the case, a little Balm of Protection by day can help keep their energetic bodies anchored to the physical and properly contained and protected, offering them a stronger sense of security.

Balm of Protection Recipe



  • scale
  • pot
  • rubber scraper
  • spoon
  • foil or other protective covering for counter to catch drips as you pour
  • 7 lip balm tubes or a couple small tins
  • labels and pen

This recipe yields approximately 1 oz finished balm.


  1. Heat the beeswax and oil until the beeswax is melted.
  2. Remove them from heat and add the essential oils.
  3. Stir well.
  4. Pour the balm into tubes or containers. For tubes, fill them proud; the balm will shrink as it cools. If possible, reserve a small amount in your pot, reheat it gently when the tubes have cooled and top off each tube as needed to make the finished tube look good.

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