Antibacterial Mouth Rinse Recipe

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Use this mouth rinse after brushing your teeth. This is not a substitution for a dental visit as cavities can go septic very quickly. I use this to prevent gum disease by squirting 2 droppers full of tincture into a shot glass of water. I swish the liquid in my mouth after brushing my teeth and swallow.

My family’s only dental emergencies have happened on Friday nights, after our dentist has closed his office for the weekend. I also use this as a tincture to relieve the pain caused by swelling from a cavity until the following Monday when I can make an appointment. I give 2 droppers full of tincture, 4 times daily to the poor, suffering family member to help him or her make it through the weekend.



  • measuring cup
  • spoon for mixing
  • funnel
  • 4 ounce resealable glass bottle
  • small glass bottle with a dropper top for daily use


  1. Measure the ingredients into a measuring cup.
  2. Mix them well.
  3. Pour some of your mixture into the small dropper topped bottle using the funnel.
  4. Pour the remaining mixture into the larger resealable bottle and label it for storage.

Storage and Use

Keep your Antibacterial Mouth Rinse sealed and away from sunlight until you are ready to use it. It will store well at room temperature for six months or more.

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