Wood Ear Mushroom for Daily Use: The TCM Approach to Yin Er


Before I launch into a detailed discussion of all the lovely health benefits of using the wild mushroom known in English as Wood Ear (Latin name: Tremella fuciformis), I want to talk a little bit about the Chinese name.  The Chinese term is Yin Er, which literally translates as Silver Ear.  It is worth noting that the word “Yin/银” or silver, in this context, is a homophone for a different “Yin/陰” which is the Yin from Yin-Yang.

Chrysanthemum Formulas Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Uses

As a single-herb therapy, chrysanthemums are used both internally and externally.  For internal use, make a tea with the flowers, letting them steep 3-4 minutes in boiling water, then drain out the large pieces and drink only the liquid.  Chrysanthemum tea is useful for…