Author: Patrick Hunter

98.It’s the Berries!

The Herbalist’s pantry is well stocked with bitter and astringent herbs with horrible tastes most of us truly don’t enjoy. Luckily, summer’s glorious warmth brings with it a basket full of sweet, sour and thoroughly enjoyable flavors we Practical Herbalists can tap into.

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92.Metabolic Syndrome and Natural Treatment Options with Jakob Sletteland

Civilization has eliminated many of the adverse conditions our Ancestors had to face, making life easier for us… But is it?
Today, the subset of disease that makes up roughly 75 percent of modern ailments stems directing from the way we modern, civilized humans live our lives. Today, we’re talking with Jakob Sletteland, clinical nutritionist, and registered herbalist, about civilized disease patterns and the Vitalistic path to Health and Well-being.

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