Reduce Bedwetting Naturally

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Bedwetting is one of those frustrating problems that add stress to life. Most often, your kids will outgrow bedwetting eventually, but until that day herbs can help you ease the symptoms naturally. Horsetail‘s bland taste makes it a perfect addition to a bedtime tea for children. It is easy to add a bit of  dried horsetail to your child’s favorite tea blend. Give the tea to your child 2 hours before bed.

Try corn silk tea with a chamomile and a very tiny amount of hops to help your little one sleep tight. Be sure that your child goes to the bathroom before bed. Be sure that the child feels safe in his/her environment to be sure that the condition isn’t caused by anxiety.

Saint John’s wort is another excellent herbal choice, particularly for children who suffer from nightmares and night frights in addition to bedwetting. Add 3-5 drops of Saint John’s wort tincture to your little one’s bedtime tea as it’s steeping. The heat from the tea will evaporate most of the alcohol, leaving behind the herbal constituents you need to help your little one sleep well. If bedtime tea isn’t a good option, try homeopathic remedies. Hypericum or Hypericum per and Equisetum homeopathic remedies just before you tuck your babe in.

Remember that bladder control is a physical ability that some kids just take more time to grow into. Check with your doctor if your child seems to be struggling with it. It could be a sign of an infection or another possibly more serious ailment. Never scold a child for wetting the bed. This only serves to shame the child and make the problem worse.

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