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chili peppers

29.Add Chili Pepper to Your Life

If you’re throwing an herbal party, there’s one spicy guest you’ll surely want to include: Chili Pepper. They bring a zesty fire even non-herbalists will love. Today, we’re talking about ways to add a little Chili Pepper to your life.

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Lavender: Perfume with a Medicinal Punch

Lavender’s versatility through the centuries has made it a consistent favorite. Today, its balsamic, earthy, floral scent is added to a variety of beauty and cleaning products for its disinfectant as well as its relaxation properties. It can ward off a variety of bacterias and viruses, including staph, while it calms the nervous system. Lavender soothes as it heals.

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Safe and Easy 5-day Cleanse

Fasting and cleansing are a normal and natural part of life for all species, humans included. That doesn’t mean we need to be doing special diets all the time. One to four times a year is plenty to help your body maintain general health through out a lifetime.

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