Rose Geranium for Uplifted Relaxation: Herbal Home Remedy

Rose Geranium for Uplifting Relaxationby Sarah Jay

Rose Geranium, Pelargonium spp,, is one of herbalism’s sweetest home remedies in large part because it does smell so sweet. Historically, rose geranium has been used for health, beauty, cooking, gardening, and housekeeping. The core piece all uses share is the uplifting and relaxing aspects Rose Geranium offers…

Kvass for Beginners: Easy Probiotics for Digestion and Immunity


Full of lactic acid, anti-oxidants, and digestive fire, kvass is an old tonic fermented either from rye bread or beetroot. It’s a household mainstay in Eastern Europe, and is sold commercially in multiple countries. Recipes are simple enough to make at home.

Cranberry for Phytochemical Protection: How it works


Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait) is one of the most cultivated fruits in the western upper regions of North America. Today bogs and terms like “superfruit” are associated with cranberry. But only within the past few decades has the phytochemical composition of cranberry been widely recognized and studied. Now it is known among the scientific community as a viable antioxidant and a treatment for urinary tract infections.