Herbal First Aid for Cats – Catnip

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Catnip and Cats by Animal Expert Jacqueline Zakharia Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a member of the mint family and is easily available and grown in the garden or in pots. It likes full sun and rich moist soil. Catnip contains essential oils, tannins, vitamin C and vitamin E as well as flavonoids, magnesium and manganese. […]

Herbal First Aid for Dogs and Cats – Calendula

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Herbal First Aid Advice from Animal Expert Jacqueline Zakharia Calendula officialis (Calendula or pot marigold) has been a popular herbal remedy at the Livestock Guardian Dog Rescue in Australia. I have dealt with many rescue animals over the years and particularly dogs that have come from pounds or less than ideal situations I have made […]