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fresh ginger root with tea cup

Manifest Your Dreams Tea: Practical Magick

We can all use a little boost when it comes to Manifesting our Dreams. In this blend, Wood Betony pairs with three other partners to offer you the Magickal support needed to get your mind right, your energy focused, and clear the way for those dreams to begin shaping themselves in your life.

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Two lavender sachets or mojo bats

Magickal Use of Wood Betony: 3 Practices for Love, Protection

Wood Betony was considered an almost magical cure for a long list of maladies, most notably those of women and the elderly. Then, you might have found stands of Wood Betony growing at the edges of farmer’s fields, the family homestead’s land, and even Church gardens, graveyards, and Moneastic and Abby gardens.

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231.Plant-Supported Partnership-Herb Chat Real Herbalism Radio with Katja and Ryn in background

231.Plant-Supported Partnership – Herb Chat

Candace and Patrick reflect on their conversation with Katja and Ryn from Common Wealth Center for Holistic Herbalism. They talk a lot about what it’s been like to be in business and to be partners in life, including the ups and downs they’ve seen on the road.

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230.Plant-supported partnership with Katja and Ryn with Katja and Ryn headshot and Real Herbalism Radio

230.Plant-Supported Partnership with Katja and Ryn

e idea of a Power Couple is really common in business and politics, but what does that look like in Herbalism? 

It looks like a Plant-supported Marriage between Business and Herbs, with some truly inspired benefits. 

Today, we’re talking with Katja and Ryn from Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism about business, plant medicine, and the Herbal Life. 

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Apothecary shelf of jars of herbs

Flu, Cold, Virus Home Remedy Resources

Natural Herbal Remedies and Powerful Plants for preventing and managing cold and flu symptoms are the best first step in treating viruses at home. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite resources to help you get started with creating your own effective Home Remedies for Flu and Cold symptoms right here.

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cutting board with vegetables, eggs, and a knife caption "Healthy Gut = Happy Life)

Fire Cider: Gut Health Made Easy

Gut Health is a big topic among herbalists. We spend all kinds of time talking about digestion with our clients, students, and amongst ourselves. Why is the heath of your intestinal tract so important?

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