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4.Natural Treatment Options for Anxiety

Clinical Anxiety Disorders affect over 40 million adult Americans while only a third of them receive treatment. Anxiety affects the rest of us in some form periodically throughout life. For Anxiety sufferers, the world of plant medicines can offer relief.

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Energetics Search the Herbal Nerd Society articles: Home Herbal Nerd Society Energetics Tulsi Holy Basil Energetics, Adaptogen and Detox In

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Herbal Chemistry

Phytochemistry Search the Herbal Nerd Society articles: Home Herbal Nerd Society Herbal Chemistry Medicinal Pectin in Apples – How it

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Meadowsweet in bloom

Meadowsweet Myth, Magic, History, and Folklore

Meadowsweet, aka Filipendula ulmaria, has a long history among those who doctor or assist in healing, including Mom’s through the ages. Part of the beauty this stately shrub brings to the stage is an ability to help the body detoxify and alkalize, soothe and tone, and perhaps most especially relieve pain. 

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Rose Geranium Magick: Love Magic at its Best by Rhea Humann

Rose Geranium Magic: Love Magick at its Best

The wonderful thing about using plants for both magic and medicine is the more you work with an herb or a flower, the more in-tune you get with its energy. Perhaps you’ve only heard of rose geranium or noticed its name on the ingredients list of your favorite all-natural facial product–but as you intentionally get to know the plant, your friendly spirit is met by powerful magic.

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About Our Authors

About Our Authors Home Practical Herbal News and Information About Our Authors Our Authors are a creative and experienced group

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