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Withanolides in Ashwagandha: How it Works

The key, as far as modern science is concerned, may lay within a chemical structure known as Withanolides. Ashwagandha roots and berries are filled with withanolides.. Traditionally, both have been used as daily tonics, but Ashwagandha roots have always been considered the primary source for good Ashwagandha medicine. Modern researchers have backed this wisdom by showing that Ashwagandha roots, as opposed to the berries or any other part of the plant, contain a very high percentage of withanolides. 




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Hot Flashes and Night Sweats: Cool the Perimenopause Burn

Traditional Chinese Medicine calls night sweats and hot flashes empty fire because there is little to no earth to support the blaze of those menopausal experiences. It's kind of like the whole foundation has just fallen out of your world, but your belly is going to burn on anyway. Personally, I think that's an apt description of the perimenopausal experience, don't you?


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