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Camellia sinensis: Tea in Many Colors

Tea spread across the world long ago in part because it’s delicious and in part because it’s got a whole lot of healthful properties. Herbalists in the past decade or so have quoted many studies done on Green Tea, linking this particular tea with anti-inflammatory properties. All varieties of Tea have antioxidant properties, each varying in chemical structure and offering differing potential benefits.





Tea Camellia sinensis Energetics, Properties, Uses

In China, Tea made from Camellia sinensis is called Cha, and it’s both a medicine and a daily pleasure for most. Cha, no matter which type you take, is considered a generally cool or cold medicine with a generally bitter taste. This, however, is altered by how the leaf is processed. 



Formulating Home Remedies with Rhodiola rosea Roseroot

Rhodiola rosea has been in use for centuries, yet it’s a relative new-comer to modern herbal practice in the Western world. Although it’s new to many of us, Rhodiola’s entrance into modern practice could not be more well-timed.


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Aster Herbal Properties and Uses: Garden Respiratory Remedy

Aster’s place in the herbal garden has been a practical and joyful one, even though most of us have long ago forgotten that Aster carries an important medicine into our midst. This peppy, bright little flower is one of the garden’s best-kept secrets, ...


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