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Herbalism for the Zombie Apocalypse

Quick Facts: Burdock

Herbal Nerd Society Exclusive Article Editor's Note: The text and still photos in this article are from Herbalism for the […] Read this article and all of our other Herbal Nerd Society Content. Become a Member Today. Join...




Gardening and Harvesting

Growing Camellia sinensis: Tea for Home Gardeners and Herbalists

Many gardeners who live in climates with long, warm, humid summers and cold winters choose to plant C. sinensis in pots. Camellia sinensis can be quite content living in a pot, so long as its neither too large nor too small and you keep the soil well-watered and well-drained. You can have a mini-tea plantation on your back patio...


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Spring Cleaning: Shift Your Life and Grow

Whether spring cleaning is a part of your regular routine or not, sometimes it just makes sense to take the time for a little clearing. Clearing is about shifting the energy of your home and your mind...


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