Best Audience for Putting Food By:

Beginning to Experienced Homesteaders, Homemakers, and folks who practice the food-preservation arts

Candace said: Wow, Putting Food By is thick with solid facts and practices for preserving a host of different foods. Some of the recommended practices are more stringent than I’ve practiced, but I’ve been known to take the occasional risk. I can say with confidence that if you follow Hertzberg’s, Greene’s, and Vaughan’s suggestions, you’ll be both safe and successful in your preservation practices. I keep Putting Food By on the shelf next to my most often-used references for canning, drying, and preserving, and I reference it just about every time I set about putting up my harvests. It’s well-indexed, so finding information is easy, too.

Sue said: I have had the pleasure of using a warped and tattered 4th edition version of Putting Food By for over a decade now. The recipes are tasty and basic enough to be flexible. I am not an adventuresome canner. I come from an era in which getting food poisoning from home-preserved food was not uncommon. I appreciate the caution from the authors and the scholarship behind their suggestions. It is clear that the recipes in this book come from years of experience and care. A hardcover copy of Putting Food By is my next kitchen purchase.

The Bottom Line: We give Putting Food By by Ruth Hertzberg, Janet Greene, and Beatrice Vaughan two thumbs up.

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