Hobby Farms: Chickens by Sue Weaver

obby Farms: Chickens by Sue Weaver

Best audience for Chickens: Chicken farmers from beginner to more experienced, including those who want to try their hand at incubating and raising their own chickens

Candace said: I loved the section on incubation even though I have no plans to try my hand at hatching a clutch any time soon. It gave me a greater appreciation for what goes into hatching and raising chicks as well as some really wonderful advice on how to get a broody hen to accept fertile eggs or already hatched chicks. She also offers a lot to think on if you’re interested in moving beyond the most basics of home-hen tending, such as breeding and caring for show birds, keeping a rooster and hatching/raising your own chicks, and raising chickens specifically for eggs or meat rather than more as pets. I appreciated the readability paired with practicality of Sue’s writing. Her advice is neither frivolous nor dull, making it a fairly easy read I can see returning to as a reference in the future.

Sue said: Hobby Farms has a series of quick read, beautifully illustrated books on agricultural topics. This one features chickens for small farmers. This is a book for people who are keeping chickens not as pets but as a cottage industry.

The author, Sue Weaver, is a down-to-earth kind of gal. No stranger to hobby farm writing, Weaver has written hundreds of articles on animal husbandry over the decades. This a no-frills book on the basics of making a few extra dollars raising birds. It has good charts on feed ratios, incubation problems and diseases. Her first aid kit caught the attention of our Practical Herbalist crew. It was a fairly short list with an explanation behind why each is useful. This is typical for the rest of the book. Each chapter is tightly edited. Each topic well thought. The book is a keeper.

The bottom line: We give Hobby Farms: Chickens – Tending a Small-Scale Flock by Sue Weaver 2 thumbs up.

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