Keep Cats away from Your Plants

hawthorn berries

Herbs can be your guard to keep cats away from your garden beds or houseplants. The list below contains herbs to throw fresh orange peels onto the soil. Some herbs are best used as the scent of the herb’s essential oils is strong and unpleasant to most of our feline friends. Some of these plants are good companion plants to grow in the garden to keep cats out the general area.

The second part of the list are herbs that cats away with physical barrier. Their freshness is not an issue as the thorns are the part that the cat wants to avoid. These can be laid on the soil of the houseplant or in seed beds or by newly planted garden plants.  

Remember that cats like bare soil that they can dig in to bury their feces. If that is the reason cats are targeting your beds, be sure to add ground cover plants to cover the soil. Your plants will surely thank you, too.

Fresh plants

Orange peels





Barrier plants

Hawthorn branches

Blackberry vines

Holly leaves


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