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Coffee Brewing – How-to

One important key to making great coffee is to choose coffee you love. Using this process, the scent and the flavor of your beans will shine as will any unbalance or flaws. Experiment with the best quality beans you can find. Pay attention to the characteristics you like best and to which varieties satisfy your palate. Ignore any coffee experts who try to tell you what you should or shouldn’t like. Coffee is highly personal.

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Turkish Cardamon Syrup

Cardamon syrup is a great digestive for a variety of coffee, tea, and cocoa drinks. I use just a dab in my latte, chai and iced coffees to add a hint of floral sweetness and to help my stomach better tolerate the dairy. I like it so well that I’ve been known to stir a wee-bit into my non-dairy coffees, teas, and cocoas as well.

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Strawberry-infused Cider Vinegar

I once had an abundance of strawberries. After we’d canned, frozen, dried, fermented, and eaten all we could, we still had a few pounds left. Inspiration struck as I read the herbal vinegars section of James Green’s The Herbal Medicine-maker’s Handbook. Strawberry-infused Cider Vinegar quickly became one of our favorite herbal vinegars, and with good reason. The flavor is absolutely delightful. The scent is delicious. And, it’s packed with nutrients.

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Sweet and Sour Strawberry Spritzers: Easy Shrub Recipe

A few years back, I made several gallons of Strawberry-infused Cider Vinegar. It was absolutely delicious in salad dressings and drizzled over sweet breads. One day, my son wanted to try something new to drink, something sweet but not as sweet as soda or juice, bubbly, cool, interesting. Thus was born the Sweet and Sour Strawberry Spritzer. For my son, I added a scant teaspoon of honey, but for myself I generally omit the sweetener altogether. Strawberry-infused Cider Vinegar is fairly sweet, to my taste.

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Strawberry Wine Coolers

Strawberry wine coolers were born one year after I’d bottled my Strawberry Melomel and discovered I had about half a bottle left. I’d bottled a lot of mead and wine that day, and I was in no shape to be imbibing any more. Patrick suggested we turn it into wine coolers. They were delightful, and I’ve used a slightly modified version of this recipe to turn a variety of fruits into light, refreshing, lower-alcohol fermentations akin to hard cider.

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Elderberry Immune Tea

This tasty tea is designed to keep the body safe from nasty winter viruses. Nettle fortifies the body while Green Tea adds much needed antioxidants. Elderberry is a sweet addition that guards against viruses. Use organic herbs to be sure your body doesn’t have to fight off addtional pesticides too.

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